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Head Chef Sam Ng’s Perfect Docket

Head Chef Sam Ng Takes Us Through His Perfect Order At Taphouse Sydney

Pockets of flavour, hits of umami and unmissable favourites – Chef Sam has you covered!

Head Chef Sam Ng joins us from Hong Kong, bringing childhood favourites and flavours he loves to Taphouse’s epic Cantonese menu.

Our menu is designed for sharing and pairing with pints of freshly poured beer, wines and cocktails shaken up by our bartenders. Rally your friends and make your way to Taphouse Sydney for finger-licking food, great drinks and good vibes!

Keep reading for the inside look at Chef Sam’s perfect docket at Taphouse Sydney.

Prawn Wontons with house made chilli oil

“Kick your meal off with these! They’re little pockets of flavour with a balanced blend of salty, sweet, spice and umami – all in one bite. A perfect stimulation of the senses”.


“These pork ribs are great for sharing and capture the real taste of Hong Kong for me. It’s one of the more authentic dishes on the menu and a great combination of the sea and land.

Shrimp paste is added to the marinade which adds a hit of umami, and we’ve used incredible Australian pork which is soft and flavourful. It’s sumptuous, fatty, garlicky with a hint of chilli and is amazing with a fresh pint”.

WOK FRIED MORNING GLORY with chilli & garlic

“Morning Glory may not be as widely recognised as gai lan (Chinese broccoli), but it is a common sight throughout Southeast Asia. The hollow stem is ideal for carrying sauce, and our version has soybean paste for an extra hit of flavour, making this spicy and crunchy combination best enjoyed with rice or just by itself”.


“I feel like this veggie fried rice is better than any fried rice with meat in it. It’s considered more popular in Hong Kong and we’ve used a lot of ingredients like preserved olive greens and pickled mushrooms which are widely used in Cantonese cuisine. The shiitake mushrooms add lots of texture and give you the satisfaction of eating meat – without any actual meat”.


This dish is famous, but we’ve given it a twist with pork jowl – a unique cut with an ideal fat-to-meat ratio. After curing and marinating, the fat effortlessly melts away. We use Chinese method called “velveting” to tenderise the meat, involving a blend of potato starch and water, rendering it silky.

The pork is served with ginger, preserved mustard, bean sprouts and garlic chives and it has the perfect balance of acidity, salty and sweet with an unctuous sauce on top of the noodles. It’s the best representation of drinking food from Honk Kong.



This dish may not be considered a dessert as such, but a great way to end the meal. The buns have a sweet, salty, molten filling which is made with butter and salted duck egg. It may look plain from the outside but the flavour blows your mind. There’s a lot of work that goes into it but it feels effortlessly elegant”. 



We’ve done the hard work for you, now all that’s left is to make a booking and try this epic line-up of dishes for yourself.