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Taphouse’s Signature Wok Fried Mud Crab

Taphouse Sydney’s Signature Wok-Fried Mud Crab

Elevate your Chinese food experience with this show-stopping dish from our menu – it’s the best value mud crab in town!

Head Chef Sam Ng brings together classic flavours and Chinese cooking methods to create something truly special: mud-crab with ginger, shallots, and deliciously springy egg noodles. Sam’s inspiration comes from his roots in Hong Kong, blending flavours from his upbringing with locally sourced Australian ingredients.

Crabs have held a special place in Chinese cuisine for centuries, revered for their significance. During the Mid-Autumn festival, these crustaceans take centre stage, symbolising prosperity and unity. Families come together to enjoy the traditionally cooked crab, celebrating abundance and extending warmth to guests—a gesture of honour and goodwill. Amidst the diverse fabric of Chinese culinary customs, crab feasts stand out, weaving festivity, well-being, social norms, and local heritage.

We take pride in presenting the finest value mud crab in town, all the while upholding exceptional quality standards. Make a booking below and try this dish for yourself!

We have limited portions of the mud crab per day, so we recommend pre-ordering 24 hours before hand from Monday to Saturday. For dining on Sunday, please pre-order by Friday to secure your coveted mud-crab dish! 

Behind The Scenes Of Our Mud-Crab Dish

The hero of the dish is the freshly sourced, A-grade live mud crab from NSW. Mud crabs are know for their meatiness, with sweet and firm flesh that takes on flavour well.

First, we portion and delicately coat each crab piece before a gentle fry to enhance the texture. Then it’s all about that wok magic! Ginger, spring onions and Shaoxing wine are used to season the crab. After setting the crab aside,  semi-cooked noodles are tossed through this umami-rich sauce for a flavour filled base. For the grand finale, the crab is added back in to cook through served directly from the wok, crowning the noodles as it rightfully deserves—a feast fit for royalty.