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Why We Love The Wok Fried Morning Glory

Why We Love The Wok Fried Morning Glory At Taphouse Sydney

The green vegetable that we can’t get enough of, and Head Chef Sam Ng’s hot tips to cook it perfectly.

Meet the green vegetable with an intriguing past – Morning Glory! Whether you know it as water spinach or ‘hollow greens,’ this veggie has a mysterious past claimed by various Southeast Asian countries. From Thailand to Vietnam and China, it has made its mark on menus, transcending borders, recipes and cuisines.

“Unlike salads, which aren’t commonly found in Chinese cuisine, Morning Glory is a standout. It retains its crunchy texture after cooking. It’s like a blank canvas and can soak up so much flavour! We serve it in the classic style, cooked with garlic, chilli, and ginger” – Head Chef Sam Ng.

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The Importance Of Wok Hei

“Wok Hei” is a term used in Chinese cooking to describe the “breath of the wok” or the essence of wok cooking. Achieving Wok Hei involves cooking over intense heat, often with rapid stirring and tossing, to create a smoky and slightly charred flavour.  This technique ensures that the dish isn’t covered in sauce but instead has a glaze that showcases the chef’s mastery.

Chef Sam Ng’s Hot Tips For The Perfect Morning Glory

  1. Some like it hot: Go for high heat when cooking—keeps that vibrant green! Skip Teflon pans; they’re a no-go.
  2. Go-to shoppers guide: Fresh is best! You can easily find Morning Glory at your local Asian store. Thin stems beat thick ones; trim, wash, and you’re set!
  3. Just add water:  Choose water-grown Morning Glory for a lush, dark green hue and tender stems. Think baby spinach—versatile and ready for your creative touch!